Discover Your Entrepreneur Personality Type

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People with an entrepreneurial spirit usually have some things in common, but not every entrepreneur is the same. 

There are different traits that make entrepreneurs great.   

There are five main types of entrepreneurs. Knowing which kind of entrepreneur you are could be the key to your business success.

Curious to figure out your entrepreneur personality? Read on to learn more about the types of entrepreneurs and to determine which one you are most like. 

1. The "I Could Do That" Entrepreneur

Do you tend to look at existing businesses and see all the ways you would do things differently? Maybe you even like the business or the products and services it offers, but still see room for improvement. 

Basically, the way you interact with other companies could be summed up as, "I could do that, but better."

Creativity isn't a strong suit for this type of entrepreneur, but attention to detail is.

By improving on the business model of an existing company and putting your own entrepreneurial spin on it, you can take someone else's good idea and make it great. 

2. The "Following My Passion" Entrepreneur

We all want to get paid to do what we do best.

This type of entrepreneur makes that dream a reality. 

You can visualize a business based on what you enjoy doing and what you're good at. You believe that if you love something, you can make other people love it too. 

Passion is your driving force, and, along with a few other essential ingredients, it will let you do what you love for a living. 

3. The "Filling a Need" Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur sees a hole in the market and decides to fill it him or herself. 

You are a problem solver. You often notice the tasks that people struggle to complete, even though they should be simple. 

Your drive is to make the world a better place, even on a small scale. Solving one problem or improving one aspect of life is enough for you. 

You didn't necessarily grow up with the dream of starting your own business, but you take advantage of the opportunity you see. 

4. The "Change the World" Entrepreneur

Of all the different types of entrepreneurs, this one is probably the hardest to become and yet the best known. The products and services this type of innovative mind introduces to the world changes society forever. 

You know how to scale a business and are not intimidated by the idea of serving thousands, if not millions, of people. 

This type of person is willing to put everything they have behind their one best idea.

You hope that the business you create will stand the test of time, potentially even outlasting you. 

5. The "I'm Not an Entrepreneur" Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur is reluctant to call themselves such. 

You see yourself simply as a hard worker, or someone who is willing to go the extra mile. Maybe you work multiple jobs or have a full-time job and a side project that you're dedicated to. 

You often don't realize that you're on your way to innovating until the idea is completely realized. You aren't flashy or bold with your ideas. But by introducing key changes, you eventually create something completely new.

Ready to Promote Yourself as an Entrepreneur? 

Once you've identified what kind of entrepreneur you are, you can start promoting your enterprise. 

Your story is part of what will make your business profitable, so it's important that you know how to tell it. 

The world needs all types of entrepreneurs working to create the products and services that will move our society forward. 

If you're ready to get started on that journey and would love help building your personal brand, click here to get access to the Your Story, Your Brand workbook.

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