Your Brand Should Create Conversation and Engage on Social Media


When it comes to social media content creation, you shouldn’t just post into the void or post things only you want to read.

Everything you post should be targeted towards the personas you have created and tied towards your business goals.

With this in mind, you want your audiences to feel like your business is engaged in a conversation rather than just talking at them.

You can create authentic connections on social media by…

Responding to certain positive comments or interesting ideas. 

Try to see if you can get the full perspective from people who have something negative to say. 

Make each response feel personal, not canned.

Give your audience opportunities to take center stage. 

Post questions and surveys for them.

Ask them if they would like to see more of certain content types, or less of certain post types.

Also, make your social media use broader than just posting on your own page. 

Use social listening tools to monitor brand mentions and jump in on messages when you think it’s worthy of a conversation. 

According to Buffer, "The future of social media is about deepening your relationships with your fans by engaging them and not simply pushing out marketing messages."

Engaging in genuine conversations on social media is just 1 of 8 different Secrets of Social Media Marketing That Most Entrepreneurs Miss.

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