Mend the Gap: 3 Brand Marketing Strategies to Reach Millennials

In the digital age, brand marketing is as important as it ever was.

Actually, it may be even more vital to brands these days than ever.

Especially now with many businesses moving over to the online space. With an estimated 75 million millennials in the United States alone, successfully marketing to them can only help your business.

But, in order to do so, you have to understand what they need. What they want, what they don't want. And what they need.

Looking to mend the gap between your brand message and the millennial demographic?

Here are 3 brand marketing strategies to help you do just that.

Make Your Brand Marketing Personal

Studies have shown that millennials respond well to brands that can cater to their individual needs.

Likewise, those same studies also prove that millennial tend to shy away from brands who can't. So, what exactly does this mean for your business?

Simply put: You need your brand to speak to each and every person. Including those millennials, too. By opting to put customization at the center of your brand's message, you can address that very desire.

In fact, it's been proven that brands that offer customizable packages, one-off merchandise, etc. are far more successful than others. Those others being brands who bundle their products in static packages.

Millennials are far from static. They're incredibly dynamic by nature. To speak to a dynamic audience means to make your brand marketing and messaging personal.

Everything's Moving to Social

In a society where everyone’s networking through their Instagram handles at cocktail parties and seminars, social media has become an important role in any successful brand marketing strategy.

Millennials, after all, are the generation that put social media on the proverbial map. But that's not to say every social media outlet is created equal. Or can fit every brand's needs.

Whether it’s about the science behind posting on Snapchat or which market is best suited for Instagram, social media has become an integral part of any marketing agency. Every retweet, every share, every up-vote is one more click.

In fact, it's believed most millennials now turn to their social media feeds for product reviews and news than other traditional outlets.

So, if your brand marketing plan foregoes having social media presence, then you’re missing out on millions of potential customers. 

Make Multifunctional Products, and Market Them As Such

Much in the same way millennials want their products to be personalized, they also want them to be beneficial. And, in many cases, in more than one way.

Given that the average millennial is making only about $13 an hour at his or her job, budgets are tight on all ends. Naturally, so is spending money.

By marketing your brand's products to be beneficial in a multitude of ways, millennials will feel like they're getting the best bang for their buck. And who doesn't like feeling like they've gotten more for what they've paid for?

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